Supply 2500+ verified diesel customers

Unleash the power of Tagora's cutting-edge platform to amplify your sales journey. Begin with a standout order on your very first day.

Experience optimized buyer intent, verified orders, and secure payments with Tagora, South Africa's elite diesel transaction verification manager.

Tagora delivers all-in-one enterprise suite, we serve diesel wholesales with next-generation technology for smart, secure transactions. We master complexity, driving efficiencies to optimize your business at every step. Our network of buyer trust us to match their quality of business with the supply chain partners optimized for growth.

Rapid buyer verification

Trust; But Verify,
Guarantee secure transactions effortlessly. Our instant RBV confirms whitelist/blacklist/greylist buyers, slashing fraud risk. Embrace direct dealings with our zero middlemen policy. We connect suppliers directly with buyers.

Supplier payment guarantee

Payment Simplicity, Secured,
Instant EFT & Escrow: Your payments are secure and guaranteed, with fast, verified transactions that support your cash flow, experience our cash flow underwriter for qualified wholesalers.

Next order guarantee

Customer Buying Intelligence,
Anticipate Your Next Sale: AI-driven insights analyze patterns to predict and prepare your inventory for the next customer order, our combination of predictive analytics and real-buyer intent keep you ahead of demand.

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Complete shipment tracking

All-in-one Transparency Tracker,
Gain complete oversight with our End-to-End Shipment Tracking System—from inbound vessel to customer delivery. Start real-time tracking now for strategic logistics and informed decisions.

Integrated 360-degree dashboard

Uninterrupted System Migration,
Effortlessly connect your exiting inventory software, CRM, tracking tools with our all-in-one suite for one dashboard interface — no migration needed. Plug and play your current stack into your super dashboard..

Optimized customer pairing

Precision Matchmaking Service
Experience the perfect customer matches. See how geo-fencing and heat mapping can lead to better orders, enhanced customer loyalty, and strategic growth. Test our Intelligent Matching Algorithm today.

Join our network managing over R109m in weekly transactions.


Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we have the software and solutions that you can tailor to your business to easily drive improvements.

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With upfront pricing, instant ordering, 24/7 support, and supplier ratings, Tagora Technologies puts you in the driver’s seat.

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Transaction Security & Cash Flow

Join titans of trade like Ackermans Wholesalers who slashed middlemen losses by R2M since January with our Rapid Buyer Verification, securing only bona fide transactions.
Embrace our Supplier Payment Guarantee, proven to enhance cash flow by R5M within a quarter, through expedited, secure payments.

Gain Market Foresight

Slash time-waste by 60%, save 500 man-hours monthly, elevate order completion & precision to 99%. Boost your sales margin by R100,000 monthly with orders filled 3X faster.

Data-Driven Growth

Experience the strategic matchmaking that's yielded a 40% surge in long-term client contracts for Trailblazers Inc., bolstering their annual contracts' value by R8M. Empower your strategy with our Market Intelligence Dashboard, where industry veterans gained a 30% increase in customer retention, equating to a yearly growth of R12M in repeat business

How it works

We prioritize connections that propel your business ahead of the competition

Total Market Access

Direct introduction to pre-qualified buyers actively seeking suppliers.

Exclusive Buyer Data

Comprehensive profiles detailing buying patterns, preferences, and procurement terms.

Deal Underwriting

Familiarize yourself with our underwriters' conditions.

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Eleanor Van Der Merwe

Strauss - Regional Operations Lead

"We move 7 loads per day in South Africa,  29 loads per month cross border. All our payments are 1 day after invoicing. Tagora has been a total game changer for our business."

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